Work With Me!

The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity."

Peter Drucker

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who have the following experiences:

  • You cope with multiple undertakings simultaneously so you want somebody to manage some of your workloads.
  • Out of necessity or desire you're multi-tasking because you are so engage with your business and you want to do it alone but forgot to focus on the most important things that you should be doing; simply to create customer and enjoy some free time alone or with your loved ones.
  • You feel that you're not doing any continuous improvement plans in your business.
  • You're still directly involved in running your website and in control of your social media accounts in which you're not aware that it's time-consuming and is sapping your productivity.
  • You dislike some of your tasks that you want to delegate it to someone else.

Worry not! The reason why I'm here is to be of service to you. You've finally found the most result oriented, dependable, highly motivated, well-organized, hardworking, focused and with a positive and "can-do" attitude Virtual Professional. In other words, your Ideal Service Provider, Your Ideal Virtual Professional.

Rest assured that I will make your life less complicated and all you need to do is to concentrate more on what you must do and work on something more valuable to you.

You can enjoy peace of mind because I will take care of your errands to help grow your business.

Your company can leverage from my expertise:

  • ​Sales Page/ Landing Page Creation
  • Social Media Management/ Marketing
  • Project/ Team Management
  • WordPress Account Management
  • Creative Design (Visual Content for Post and Ads)
  • Product/ Information Research
  • Customer Support (Email)
  • Data Entry and Analysis
  • PowerPoint Presentation Creation

As a Virtual Professional I am guided by my principles:

  • To commit myself to serve my clients by giving superb and quality services.
  • To create customer solutions program to develop my clients's business.
  • To provide a win-win situation in dealing with my clients.
  • To treat my clients and peers with respect and utmost professionalism.
  • To commit myself to improve my skills through continuous learning and training.
  • To prefer as the number one service provider by my clients and become their business partner.

I'm Flordeliza "Flor" Angeles, your Filipino Virtual Assistant based in New Zealand. Let's partner together, work with me.

You may contact me via the following ways:


Skype: fjv_angeles