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  • Most people are trying to get a virtual job but not doing it the right way.
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Hi, I'm Jomar. I've been responsible for transforming the mind, income and life of most of the people who have decided to start their own virtual career.

You can be called a Virtual Professional working online and receiving a regular monthly income but are not an employee going to the office or factory!

Find out how many people are transformed by pursuing a virtual career and living the life they've dreamed of with their family and loved ones. And how you wish you also have the same life as they have.

Discover how Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are coming home for good and earning more than their take-home-pay abroad.

Be inspired by the success stories of Virtual Professionals who are trained by the author in his "How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar" in 2013.

Virtual Career is for real and is happening right in front of you.

The author have been teaching the virtual career program for years now and many people are living proof that this profession really works.

The Virtual Career Industry will help boost the Philippine economy.

The author predicted that in 2025, the virtual career industry in the Philippines will rival that of the Overseas Filipino Professionals on the amount of foreign money it will bring into the country.

Is a Virtual Career the right one for you?

First, let me ask you this, do you realize the reason why you wanted a virtual career or have you already identify your BIG Why now and think that this profession is what you wanted in your life?

Virtual career will strengthen family ties. 

Virtual Professionals will enjoy the freedom and comfort of working from home with their loved ones.

You're lucky to have the answer to your BIG Why

The "Virtual Careers" Book

  • Enjoy the freedom of working from home.
  • Take control of your life and do the things you love most.
  • Spend more quality time with your loved ones.

These are the people who are now enjoying their Virtual Career!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I used to work in Singapore and Saudi, now I've exceeded my Singapore take-home-pay working from home in Pasig.”

Nolan Lazaro

“Jomar Hilario FINALLY releases the book version of the seminar that helped a lot of people achieve freedom to experience serving different businesses, earning any currency and spending them in the Philippines. I thank Jomar for teaching us how to leverage the power of the internet.”

Anne Kristine Penaredondo
CEO, Ann Exceptional VA
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I wanted to get away from my monotonous call center job and once thought that earning online is a myth. When I learned about Jomar and attended his Virtual Assistant Seminar in 2012, my life changed and started to have more time for more important things in life.”

Mark Israel
VA 2012 Student & Online Freelancing Warrior

"Be in control of the life you want and enjoy the freedom that you desire."

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Meet the Author

Jomar Hilario, Internet Marketing and Virtual Professional Training Guru of the Philippines. Many OFWs, single parents and stressed-out employees have thanked Jomar for opening their eyes on how to get a monthly income online. Small and medium entrepreneurs have thanked him for his easy-to-understand online instructions that yielded up to 95 percent increase in sales, in one case. Because of this, Jomar is known to be the Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour Work Week author) of the Philippines.

Jomar is the founder of the Virtual Careers Summit and How to Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant Seminar. He also has several online coaching clubs: The Online Mentoring Club and the Instant Virtual Skills Club. His entrepreneur-only club, the Marketing Success Formula, is the venue to hire well-trained Virtual Professionals and learn from Jomar directly. Jomar stays ahead of the times by studying strategic thinking of billionaires and big thinkers. He lives in Manila, Philippines but spends a lot of time visiting other places with her family. Visit his blog at

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