What is a Landing Page?

I’ve created a different landing page this time and it’s called a Direct Sales Landing Page. And since I’ve already been mentioning this landing page in my previous post maybe it’s time for me to elaborate further what this landing page is all about before you view my new sample here.

What is a Landing Page?

In internet marketing, a landing page is a prominent page on your website that is set up for your visitors for them to take action on your intended purpose. A landing page is any page that your guests might land on or find on your website that is made up of a form or template. This form or template can either direct your visitors to a shopping cart to purchase the product or service that you’ve offered to them or to capture a visitor’s information with your freebies or giveaways.

Is Your Homepage a Landing Page?

Definitely not! Your homepage is not a landing page. Your homepage is generic and not merely focused on a single purpose. Landing page should be specific to the needs of your visitors. Take it from your visitor’s perspective, if they’ve landed on your page make sure they find straight away what they are looking for. See to it that your landing page is conversion-focused that will improve your conversion rate – the percentage of visitors that eventually took your offer. And by doing this, your visitors might be converted to potential clients and most probably to long-term customers.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two types of landing pages the Direct Sales and Lead Generation.

1. Direct Sales Landing Page

The purpose of this type of landing page is to meet the expectations of potential clients in order to purchase right away the product or service that was presented to them. You’ve got to have a convincing message on your landing page so that your audience will be able to buy your product or get your service instantly, thus, you get a sale.

2. Lead Generation Landing Page

This is also called as lead capture pages or lead gen pages. The aim of this kind of landing page is to gather data from your visitors like their name, email address. phone number, etc. that you can later use to connect or market your product or service with them.

Please bear in mind that the form and personal data you’ve requested can have a direct influence on your conversion. As much as possible try to get only relevant information from your prospects. Don’t ask for phone or fax number if what you need is only their email address.

Now that you know how essential it is for a website to have a landing page where you can gain sales, create leads and promote to your prospects, it’s now your turn to build you own landing page by making use of this recommended WordPress plugin called Thrive Themes where you can create optimize landing pages very easily and quickly.

Disclaimer/ Truth: I am a Thrive Themes affiliate, which means I earn a commission if someone clicks on my link. There are many available WordPress themes out there but this is my recommendation based on my experience with the company and because I honestly believe that Thrive Themes have the best products.      

If there’s something that I can help you with like generating your own landing pages for your website, please feel free to contact me at florangeles08@gmail.com and let’s discuss it.

You can check now the Direct Sales Landing Page that I’ve made here.

Cheers! 😀


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  • March 22, 2016

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