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  • Discover: the basic reasons why you and your loved ones are sick.
  • Learn: simple solutions to resolve common diseases.
  • Acquire: tips on the prevention to the occurrence or recurrence of diseases.

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To the healthy:

Make your health even better.

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Discover the cause of common diseases and the simplest solutions to healing them using more natural, safer and more effective ingredients.

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You are not sick. You are only thirsty. Do not treat thirst with medications!

To the sick:

If you are sick and tired of being "sick" and "tired" this book is a must-read for you. Discover the primary reasons why you are sick and the simplest solutions to resolve them.

Meet the Author

Renato U. Paragas, M.D., a practicing medical professional for 3 decades. With his distributorship in drinking water systems and mineral supplements, he was able to discover a medical paradigm that through proper hydration and adequate mineral supplementation helps prevent and resolve various diseases.

He has proven that diseases can be managed without the use of synthetic chemical products that most physically ailing persons resort to. His most natural, safer, more effective and cheaper approach to health management has helped numerous ailing patients enjoy life again. His 10-year experience on this concept made him write this book so many others may benefit from it.    

The #1 Reason Why You're Sick

"This book will provide more awareness on the vital roles water and minerals play in health management. Let this book put you on the road to a healthier life."

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