How to Use Dropbox: Your Virtual Data Storage Device

Imagine how your life would be so easy if you can access all your important files like your documents, photos and videos almost anywhere. And never to send a file through email to yourself, to friends and colleagues anymore. This is what the Dropbox application can do for me, for you and for everybody.

A Dropbox is a free cloud service that can help store your files on your computer and access them wherever you go without the hassle of bringing your external storage devices with you.

The more convenient thing to do with Dropbox is that, if you are working with somebody for a certain project which needs collaboration you just need to share the folder with them and they can add, edit or delete anything in that folder. And if you just want to share a file or folder to your friends and colleagues just give the link to that file or folder and they can instantly access it.

To get started on how to use Dropbox, learn from this simple tutorial. Enjoy reading!

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  • Flor
  • February 23, 2016

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