How to Use Asana: Your Optimum Project and Task Organizer

To supervise a project and to monitor team members’s tasks are not that easy to deal with. I’ve already experienced handling multiple projects in my previous job and the most challenging part for me is to communicate with team members for the reason that we belong to the different department and our work schedule doesn’t jibe as well. I need to set meetings with team members in order to know the status of our project. My team members have to send me an update to keep track of the progress of their assigned tasks through email. It is indeed very tedious and quite an unproductive situation for me. This is really taking much of my time.

Now I am fortunate to come across this Task and Project Management tool called Asana. I’m currently using it for my personal undertakings and this is really giving me a positive outcome. Also, thanks to Asana I’m utilizing it for free. And I will certainly make use of it to manage my future projects with team members. Who by the way wants to attend so many meetings and to receive excessive emails, definitely not me anymore. With Asana it will allow you to collaborate with your team members without the use of email and communication is taking place within one workspace. Awesome, right?

To have an overview of the basics of Asana I’ve created this tutorial and I hope you’ll learn something from it.

Cheers! 😀


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  • Flor
  • February 24, 2016

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