Lead Generation Landing Page: Book 1- Your Newborn is a Blessing

Yabadabadooo! After doing the book cover I’ve now created my first landing page or sales page as part of our assignment in the Instant Virtual Skills. This is a major accomplishment for me and I never imagine that I could go this far. Indeed! an added value for me. I’m glad I’ve enrolled in this training.

Before you look at my output let me tell you first that the landing page that I did here is called a Lead Generation Landing Page. The aim of this kind of landing page is to capture the user’s data such as their name, email address. phone number, etc. But this data will also depend on your purpose and if you just need to get your prospect’s email address you can do so. And as long as your ultimate goal here is serve which is to gather information that will let you market and connect with your potential client at a later time. In this landing page as well your prospect will have a glimpse of what they are going to get in exchange for giving their personal data. An example of items that a potential customer could receive will be an ebook, chapter of a book, discount coupon, a physical gift, etc.

Sample Lead Generation Landing Page for the book “Your Newborn is a Blessing”.

Book 1 Your Newborn

Book 1 Opt-In

You can also view the Landing/ Sales Page here.

In my next post, I’ll be generating the same type of landing page as above but for different books.

Cheers! 😀


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  • Flor
  • March 5, 2016

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