FB Ad Expedition Portal 2 – Generate Facebook Business Page

This is the second article on my Facebook Ads journey. In case you missed the first one, please view it here.

Before I could start doing the Facebook Ad I need to generate first the following pages; Facebook Business Page, Landing or Opt-In Page and Thank You Page.


FB Ad Expedition Portal 2: Generate Facebook Business Page 


How to create a Facebook Page is not new to me. I did two FB pages in the past, Stock Market - Philippines and New Zealand News. The only difference is that I did the cover page and profile picture of these two using MS PowerPoint and PicMonkey and for this new page I've used the Canva.



I've actually finished the new FB Page about two weeks ago but it took me a while to write an article about it because of some personal errands that I need to attend to. Anyway, I'm posting it now.


According to Jomar Hilario, we need to create a Facebook Page in relation to the ad that we are going to create. Since we are going to promote the 2013 Virtual Assistant Seminar, I've decided to set up a page and name it after my website, Ideal Virtual Professional. For the reason that it is intended for entrepreneurs with online business and for people who wants to pursue a virtual career or desires to work from home. Click here to view the page. 


Okey! One page down! Yabadabadooooo!


See you on my FB Ad Expedition Portal 3.  


Cheers! 😀


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  • May 2, 2016

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