Create Your Own Business Header Banner for PayPal Checkout Page

The PayPal Express Checkout payment page is where your customer will be prompted to go when they opt to pay through PayPal and take the products or services they’ve decided to buy from your website where your online business is. Do you know that you can create your own customize business header banner which you can put into your PayPal Checkout page? The advantage of having this header banner is that your customers will know that they are still buying from you because from your website they can see your business logo or banner when they go to your PayPal Checkout page and by doing this your buyers will feel secure when purchasing from your site. Sounds awesome, right?

I’ve created samples of the header banner using and get some images from You can try it, too!

In my next tutorial, I’ll make a presentation on how to upload the header banner in the PayPal Checkout page.

Cheers! 😀






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  • Flor
  • February 24, 2016

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