The Beginning of My Facebook Ad Expedition

It is indeed a privilege to share with you the journey that I have in the world of Facebook Ads. It actually started when I purchased the downloadable version of Jomar Hilario's VA 202: Business/ Work at Home Facebook Gold Rush Seminar. By the way, Jay McLean is also one of the facilitators of this seminar and he teaches about network expansion through LinkedIn.

It is my desire to learn how this Facebook Ad works for the reason that me being a Virtual Professional will definitely benefit from this and the customers that I'm going to deal with. I believe that if I'll become an expert on this field I'll be able to help grow my client's business and become a more valuable individual.


I will share my learnings in stages and put all things together into writing. Let's call each stages FB Ad Expedition Portal. Woah! Sounds good to me.  


FB Ad Expedition Portal 1: Listen to Webinars

I paid attention first to the recorded webinars as instructed and I jot down all the important messages that Jomar mentioned. And here are my takeaways on the webinars.

It is a known fact that one predicament of an entrepreneur is finding a customer or buyer and even a prospect. If you are the only person who can offer a solution to the problem of the business owner, do you know what they will call you? Are you ready for this? This freaks me out, your trademark will now be, a "highly valuable indispensable" person. How was that? Awesome, yes?

Jomar showed as a diagram (Figure 1.0) and calls it as the Infinite Wealth Diamond. So this is what they say as the hidden treasure in Facebook Marketing. Wow!

Let's dig deeper into each part of this hidden wealth. 

First is the Process: The Process literally involves getting a prospect. A prospect is also known as the potential customer or buyer. These are the people who have the possibility of buying your products or services if not today may be in the future. In this process, the business owners should be able to identify where to look for their prospects and what would they do in order to get these potential customers. 

Second is the Promise: The Promise has something to do with Marketing Strategy. As a business owner, how are you going to convince your potential customers to buy your products or services? The one that you offer to your prospects shall guarantee something in order for them to to say "yes" to it. The products or services must show a "Promise" of what it can give and this should have an emotional attachment to your prospects. According to Zig Ziglar, "People don't buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons".   

People don't buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.

Zig Ziglar

Third is the Posts. The Posts equals the FB Ads. You are going to create a post which will be your Facebook Ad. You will write here the emotional promise of your product and service with an image. 


Fourth is the Pages. The Pages consists of two parts, email catcher and thank you page. This is where your prospects will be led to once they click your FB Ad. This is where you're going to collect the email address of your prospects. 

Fifth is the Pixel. The Pixel is equal to website conversions. The main objective of the Pixel is to convert strangers to prospects and prospects to buyers. 


Sixth is the Personalize. Personalize means to make a Facebook Ad that will have a personal connection to your prospect. As an example, instead of saying “Your family will be proud of you if you do this or that”, rather you mention “Your wife or husband will be proud of you if you do this or that”. From family to wife or husband, this is how to personalize your message. And you must remember this personalized promise that you will have for your prospect, “Something nice you help me say about myself by using your product or service“.

There you have it. I hope you’ve learned something here.

Stay connected with me as I share my FB Ad Expedition Portal 2. See you later.

Cheers! 😀


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  • April 17, 2016

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